Diana Large, One Man's Pass, Slieve League, Co. Donegal

Diana Large, One Man's Pass, Slieve League, Co. Donegal

WILDCARD IS THE PASSION PROJECT of Irish photographer and outdoorswoman, Jenny Large. 

After a 20-year tour of duty in the trenches of the ad industry, Jenny took a leave of absence to look after her twin sons and pursue her love of photography and never looked back.

“Working as an art director, I had some rewarding experiences creating campaigns for some iconic Irish brands. But after the boys were born I had this opportunity to do something different, to pursue a different kind of reward—and dare I say, follow my dreams.” 

Jenny’s photographic eye may have been sharpened working with some of the biggest names in Irish photography, but it didn’t begin there. Growing up in Wicklow with an orienteering, mountaineering mother meant an outdoor adventure and a sweeping vista were never far off. Whether it was trekking the ridges of Wicklow or hiking Donegal’s wild Atlantic coast, the Large family excursions were never just a short stroll. Nor did they go uncaptured. Indeed it was her late mum Diana, who first introduced Jenny to life behind the lens. 

“WildCards was mum’s idea first. Back in 1990, it was called Glenwood Cards and we were really just mounting our favourite photos from the season and making the cards for friends and family.”

From friends and family to friends of friends, over the years, demand for the cards grew. “People really seemed to appreciate the quality. And the fact that the cards are immediately frameable means that you’re not just giving a card, you’re giving a gift.”

WildCards are captured in Ireland, with love.